Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Assignment 3

At our last seminar, we each discussed the topic that we went on to research. I had looked at computer games and had become particuarly interested in how playing such games may cause health problems and the solutions designers had come up with to combat them. I also looked into the many health benefits of game playing and games for learning ie simulators used for training purposes. The last two weeks I have been researching texts relating to this topic and have found it difficult. Using cross search and the library catalogue I only managed to find two sources that were relevant as many texts that were coming up were either about health problems in general or about computer game design. Instead I looked for books on the internet and found this method much more effective. Most of the texts I sourced could be read online and provided me with all the information I needed.


- ANDERSON, C.A. BUCKLEY, K.E. GENTILE, D.A. 2007. Violent video game effects on children and adolescents: Theory, research and public policy. New York: Oxford University Press, Inc.

This book looked at the connections between violence in young people and aggressive computer games such as 'Americas Army'. It also gives a history of how such games became so popular and ideas on how we can stop these games being so easily and widely distributed. Points are backed up with scientific evidence and studies and it also talks about how the game and media industry have responded. I found this was useful to my research as it covers one of the problems I looked at in great detail and also what is being done to resolve it.

- BAWA, J. 1996. Computers and your health: The essential manual for every computer user. Pennsylvannia State University: Celestial Arts

This book makes the reader aware of health problems associated with computers. It talks about your health in general covering repetitive strain injury, eyestrain, diet and relationships. This again was relevant to me as it goes into detail about several health problems I discussed in my seminars and how computers may have contributed to them.

- CHAN, P.A. RABANOWITZ, T. 2006. A cross sectional analysis of video games and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in adolescents. Online

This article did a study on parents and their children - the time spent on internet, console and online games and T.V. and how this may affect their social and academic lives. Teenagers who spend more then one hour per day have greater or more intense symptoms of A.D.H.D. I found this text useful as this particular disorder was not something I had looked at but it has given me another area to think about how computer games are affecting these kids lives.

- NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL STAFF. 1996. Simulated voyages: using simulation technology to train and license marines. Washington D.C. : National academies press

This was an electronic article and one of the resources I found using cross search. It talks about the use of simulators in training marines in a bid to decrease the amount of recent marine accidents. I found chapter 2 to be most relevant as it goes into detail about the use of simulators and reasons for using them. It explains the different types of simulators and how they are used in marine training. This related to my research in the computer games for educational and training purposes although I did not go into detail with the marines in particular.

- PRENSKY, M. 2006. 'Don't bother me mom - I'm learning!' How computer games are preparing your kids for 21st century success and how you can help. Paragon House

This book shows parents how their kids can learn through gaming and the benefits of gaming in the 21st century. He believes these games can teach children strategy formulation, collaboration and can help in decision making amoung others. His points are supported by studies of people - including doctors, lawyers and scientists - who have gone on to enjoy success despite gaming. This book related to the other area of health that I studied - the benefits.

- ROEBROEKS, G. 2008. Get Fit on Wii Fit. lulu.com

This book is about a major solution to societys growing obesity problem. The Wii Fit, a revolutionary new design. It shows you how to get fit using the Wii, make a suitable training program and provides a better understanding of how the human body reacts to exercise. I researched the Wii Fit in some detail so this was useful in explaining how it works but I feel was not as relevant as the other information I sourced.

I also looked at websites which were relevant to my practise. My top 5 are:
www.spoiltrottenbeads.co.uk beads and bits and bobs
www.mysticmerchant.com gemstones from around the world
www.kabiri.co.uk buy jewellery and info on designers
www.bejewelledvintage.co.uk some pretty jewellery to buy
www.jewelsandtools.co.uk to buy resources and all the pretty things us jewellers need :)

And my top 5 websites outside my practise:
www.current.com for updates on news around the world and strange but true stories
www.youtube.com not just for music and silly videos, also a valuable source of info!
www.blogspot.com just to keep track of all the new up and coming designers
www.ameliasmagazine.com keeps up to date about everything in the art world
www.flickr.com for the pretty pictures

I also like google, it comes up with everything!

As part of my research for my new wire project I looked at a few jewellers and designers. In particular I liked the work of Hanna Hedman and Fred Butler.

Take a peek!

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