Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Learning Styles

After taking the online questionaire I discovered that I was a very strong activist, a moderate reflector and that I have practically no theorist or pragmatist qualities. I thought this observation was generally quite accurate and the discription of the activist fitted in with certain aspects of my personality. I feel I learn much better when participating in tasks and being active rather then reading or listening. I prefer to take a hands on approach to my work and like to experiment with materials and ideas instead of following a carefully thought out plan. I often feel I produce my best work when I don't have a clear idea in my head of what I'm actually making, I like to see where experimentation leads me and change my designs to suit as I work. However I feel activist may be inaccurate in the sense that I don't tend to take charge within a group, I prefer to sit back and listen to others before voicing my opinion.

The majority of my group correctly guessed I was an activist and my predictions for them were mostly right too. I thought Laura was an activist with a few qualities of the theorist, she tested strong for both. It was interesting to hear what she thought, as she saw herself as more of a reflector.
I predicted Nicky too was an activist which she tested very strong for. She got moderate for pragmatist which was the strongest result for pragmatist within our group. Nicky thought she would have been a reflector but her result came back very low.
I correctly guessed Maxine to be a reflector and she agreed that that best described her. I had put Jianru down as a reflector/theorist as I feel she has been the quietest within the group and I got the impression she likes to plan and think alot about her work. Jianru tested very strong for reflector, theorist and activist. I thought it was great that she would be able to take on any role within the group in order to balance out the rest of us. Jianru said she believes she is more of an activist but from working with her I believe there are other people within our group with more dominant activist qualities.

The activist was most dominant within our group but I do feel we are well balanced with very strong reflectors and theorists. We all tested low for pragmatist with the exception for Nicky who got moderate. It's possible she may take on the pragmatist role within the group. After discussing the test we thought that the answers could have been strongly agree/disagree to give a wider scope and possibly make the test more accurate. We also wonder what the results may have been within a group of say law or medical students. Do creative people tend to have the qualities of an activist?