Thursday, 3 December 2009

Assignment 4

For our last assignment of the semester we were to write an essay about our chosen subject. I was looking at computer games and the health benefits and problems associated with game playing. I had a bit of a problem uploading it onto my blog as my internet kept crashing but I have emailed my essay and bibliography to Lisa instead.

The two texts I read were 'Don't bother me Mom - I'm learning!' by Marc Prensky and 'Video games and aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the labratory and in life' by Craig Anderson and Karen Dill. If I were to investigate further into this topic I would look at more papers and experiments conducted by Anderson and the sources of information he has used. I would also look into more evidence of bad health problems and aggressive behaviour associated with playing these games. I could also research into the benefits these games provide for children and studies that have shown computer games can improve a persons skills. In order to become more involved I would play a variety of games myself and see if they may benefit me in any way. I would also like to look further into games for learning and training purposes such as Americas Army. I feel this is the section I have researched the least and would like to find out more about it.