Saturday, 21 November 2009


Yesterday we had a lecture and Johnathan showed us a video on 'Tweenagers'. I thought it was ridiculous the power these kids had over their parents, they were like spoilt brats and didn't seem to appreciate anything their parents did for them. I could identify with their need to feel accepted and to fit in amoungst their peers as when I was at school kids could be really cruel if you stood out to be different. I think most teenagers feel pressure to follow the crowd and be 'cool'. Their demand for brands and designer labels was sickening. One of the girls said she wouldn't hang out with one of her friends if her friend didnt wear branded clothing! I thought that was absolutely ridiculous! She also went on the explain that kids that didnt wear branded clothing tended to get bullied and that was one of the reasons for school uniform. Personally I don't believe in school uniform. I think more money and effort should be concentrated into teaching children it's unacceptable to put anyone down no matter what they wear - its the person that really counts. I think those kids will look back on that video and be ashamed of what they said and how they behaved. However its all a part of growing up and I think most kids go through this stage before they realise that designer labels aren't everything.

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