Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Assignment 2

Brainstorming Session

As part of assignment 2, my group brainstormed around chapter 2 of 'The Tipping Point' in particular looking at how design relates to TV education. We came up with loads of different ideas from children to adult education, computer games and animation to smoking and alcohol. We each went on to research a different area and how this can relate to design. I looked into computer games, particuarly the health problems and benefits associated with playing games and how design has evolved to provide solutions to these problems. One of the biggest designs to come out of this was the Wii Fit. This revolutionary new game console has helped put the fun back into exercise for many children across the world and is also enjoyed by teenagers and adults. I also looked into computer games for training purposes like simulators for astronauts in training and till programmes for teaching retail staff. I found I really enjoyed researching this topic and brainstorming as a group helped contribute towards my ideas. I decided to make my poster a mind map as I find them particuarly efffective for revision purposes and easy to follow.

Mind Map
How Design relates to Computer Games

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