Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Someone asked me the other day 'Why are you a vegetarian?' To which I replied 'Because I don't believe that killing animals is right.'

I was 8 when I decided I was against eating meat. At the time I was going through a typical girlie animal loving phase. Ironically, I had just eaten a burger and decided to ask my mum what the burger was made from. She explained to me it was meat and when I realised I had just eaten part of a cow I felt physically sick. The amount of times I had driven past a field filled of cows and not known what their purpose in life was.

People will argue that eating meat is part of human nature, part of the food chain and a good source of protein for the body but there are other ways we can get all the nutrients we need to survive without slaughtering poor innocent animals in the process. Quorn is a great meat subsitute, it contains everything the body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it tastes similar to meat. And yes, from way back when we were cavemen we killed to feed ourselves and our familes but nowadays there is such a broad range of food available to us, I don't think the flesh of another is particuarly important in our diet. It makes me sad to see these baby calves and piglets born into the world for one reason - to end up on someones dinner plate.

You wouldn't eat another human being so why should an animal be any different?

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