Saturday, 20 February 2010

Photo story

I showed my photos to 10 different people aged between 17 and 52 and they came up with a range of stories. There were some similarities in them such as the horse actually wearing the socks and being able to speak, the horse being ridden by a girl and the story being set at the north pole. My target story is that a girl has been given a horse for her birthday and she rides him along next to the icy water wearing her stripey socks to keep her feet warm. In order to reach this story I added in a picture of a young girl and the word Birthday.

However I found the experiment to be quite unsuccessful as I got another range of stories varying from the girl realising her feet were too big for her horses stirrups on her 5th birthday, it being the actual horses birthday and the girl being taken on holiday to Antartica for her birthday. The closest story I got to my target one was about a young girl and her horse and the girl was very upset that she lost her cosy socks, her parents bought her another pair for her birthday so that she could ride her horse along the water again.

I found this experiment to be really interesting and some of the stories were hilarious! I found that students had more of an imagination then the others and their stories were the most diverse. I even got one poem which was the basis for my target story.

my final image

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