Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ane Christensen

As part of my research for my first jewellery and silversmithing project I looked at designer and maker Ane Christensen. She creates everything from fruit bowls to huge garden sculptures and works by following a set of 'rules' in which she takes a single sheet of metal and removes or adds sections to it. She finds her inspiration in this constrained work process and her desire to push and stretch boundaries and expectations. Her work is both exceptional to look at and functional although some of her kinetic pieces are more concerned with sculpture. My favourite of her pieces are her most recent works the 'negative series' in which she explores negative space and optical illusion. I thought the simple cut out designs worked well and really inspired me in my own work.

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  1. Ane Christensen's works engage the space like an M. C. Escher drawing. Masterworks of Handcraft that show a popular trend among designers, going from the functionality of Industrial design to the abstractness and beauty as such of ART
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